Frankie and Her Little Pals
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Help Cook It– Max had a definite dream; to cook dinner one day.  Find out what Max, Frankie and the rest of the pals discover in the kitchen.
Theme: Cooking

Fair Day for Adventure – Frankie, Ricky and Ana keep bringing home pets and end up with lots and lots of different animals. How will they feed and care for them all?
Theme: Pets

Getting the Best Deal– Ricky, Ana, Tiffany and the pals quickly find that kids quarrel, fight and tease for many reasons. Through trial and error, they learn that taking turns is a kid’s first lesson in the art of negotiation.
Theme: Siblings

What’s In the Box– Frankie, Tiffany, and Max watch as the postman delivers a BIG brown box next door. As the pals argue about what’s inside the box, a colorful surprise awaits them.
Theme: Food

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